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A trip around the world with Mother Tongues


2021年的開春沒有比2020年美. 愛爾蘭至聖誕節開始進入了第三次全國性的封鎖. 只允許民生必需品和少數行業繼續經營. 學校和大部份行業都是閉門/網路進修和工作.

都柏林中文學校應邀愛爾蘭母語推廣機構 (Mother Tongues 為全國的小學生準備了一堂課, 讓他們在家也能環遊世界 (A trip around the world). 而第一站就是台灣.

這場則吸引了300位熱衷各國不同文化,熱愛母語及教育等人士和家庭報名。都柏林中文學校藉台灣祠廟之美, 介紹家將, 學畫家將和益智問答等活動推廣中文學習和讓民眾認識台灣和台灣的文化.

Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese School takes Irish primary school students a trip to Taiwan.

The beginning of spring in 2021 has been no better than 2020. Ireland is under its third national lockdown since Christmas. Only essential businesses can continue to operate. Schools and most other industries are working and studying behind closed-doors.

We were delighted to be invited by the Mother Tongues to prepare a class for primary school students across the country, so that they can virtually travel around the world from home (A trip around the world). The first stop is Taiwan.

This event attracted 300 families who are passionate about different cultures, mother tongues and education. The activities included the introduction of the beauty of Taiwan's temples, deities, painting/colouring the deities and quizzes to promote learning and Taiwan’s culture.

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