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Our Staff

Guidance, Inspiration and Support

Evan Furlong



Evan holds a Masters in Education (MEd) from UCD and has been teaching Chinese Language and Culture
courses in both primary and post-primary schools since 2008.  She is the principal of Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese. Evan was member of the National Council for Curriculum and
Assessment’s Development Sub Group for Leaving Certificate Mandarin Chinese.

Tess Ya-Ching Hung



Tess holds a MA in Education, concentration in instructional technologies, at San Francisco State University in USA. Working as a teacher and head teacher in Ming Dao High School in Taichung in Taiwan from 2004-2013

Syue Ping Ma



Syue-Ping Ma holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. Since 2021, she has been devoted to teaching Mandarin Chinese Language and Culture to primary school pupils and adults. She successfully completed the NTNU Mandarin Chinese language teacher training program, enhancing her skills in language education.

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Yuchia Lee Dignam

Tina Keenan

Syue-Ping Ma 

Board Members
Evan Furlong
Elizabeth Lin

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